Ashley is 10yo


I started blogging a decade ago when I discovered that we were expecting our firstborn. Ashley. Fast forward to today, she is now 10 years old. We had a very simple celebration among ourselves. We didn’t get a cake or any cupcakes this time. We celebrated with ice cream instead at none other than Baskin Robbins! Her favorite. We had dinner at Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB) with her cousin in tow. It was simple and sweet. Because what matters most is that she got to celebrate her birthday with her loved ones.  This year, we gave her RM50 so that she could pick up 10 rubbish items from Daiso. She decided to share it with Aidan instead. So each of them got to choose 5 rubbish items each from Daiso.  Both were happy at the end of the day and they didn’t end up killing themselves!

Happy birthday to my firstborn!

Love you to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond!

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  1. aww…what a lovely celebration. I must do this next year for my rascal. love Ash’s green nail colour.

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