Amelie is Feeling Under the Weather


This little pumpkin of mine is feeling under the weather. She woke up with a low grade fever on Sunday (37.1C) and refused to drink her milk. She did however finish her solids and sipped IZUMIO throughout the day.  On top of that, she’s teething. Both her upper central incisors are showing through the gums. Poor baby. No wonder she has been cranky. The next day, her fever was gone….BUT she developed a runny nose and a cough! After seeing a video on YouTube on how a newborn was suffering from whooping cough, I must admit that I am paranoid that she’s coughing (Yes, she is vaccinated against whooping cough). Last night, she had trouble sleeping. She was crying on and off  until 3am. At one point, she was coughing and sounded like she was about to choke. I carried her and true enough, she vomited abit of the little milk she had before that. Am loading her up with IZUMIO (1/2 – 1 packet a day)  and Super Lutein (1 capsule a day) and I’m praying for her speedy recovery.

God bless baby girl!

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