Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas – DIY Simple, Practical and Economical


A read a post in Facebook where a teacher shared the top 10 things she got as presents from her students which she found very useful and one of them was a set of whiteboard markers! So when Aidan racked his brain on what to get for his teacher, EASY PEASY! I sent the hubby to the hardware store (because he needed to get some stuff for Ashley’s science project) and got him to buy a set of whiteboard markers! Sorted. Costed us less than RM10 and we know for sure that it’s going to come in handy for his teacher!
Practical and Economical!  Frankly I could only think of this and not anything else as I have been really busy!

If I had more time, I would have considered some of these gift ideas…


(Photo from here)

Fill up reusable iced beverage cup with drink sachets – could be anything from teas sachets or coffee!….


Idea from here. This is pretty awesome. So simple to do and yet so practical AND economical. You can get the free printables from here. All teachers need highlighters! And you can also replace those highlighters with white board markers or pencils etc.


I really dig the idea of gifting teachers with hand sanitizers! This idea is from here.

Aidan’s gift to his teacher pales in comparison with these ideas! I need to make a mental note of it next time!

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