Report Card Day

As a follow up from my previous post on chinese schools in Malaysia and how do we, as ‘ banana’ parents cope, my white flag is halfway up there.  I met Ashley’s (now in Std 4) teacher this morning to collect her report card and things which caught my attention were :

1. Chinese language marks averaged about 30% aka FAIL!

2. Science – which is also in Chinese – 24% aka FAIL!

This is a HUGE indication that she is not coping well in a chinese school.

Homework is a bitch. Apart from her school homework (which I think it’s ok in terms of load), she also has BM and Chinese tuition homework. This girl is sinking into one big hole in the ground. She’s frustrated. I’m frustrated.’s back to the drawing board.

Since we plan to move down under, we figured there isn’t any point in forcing her to study in a chinese school. We are thinking of sending her to a learning center which teaches the iGCSE syllabus in English and Chinese will be an optional stress-free subject which will be sufficient for them to appreciate the language and I do not expect her to be able to write a chinese essay. This is also for my sanity because for the past few months, I have been so high strung on how she’s doing at school and her homework.

We’re expecting some changes in the next few months – academic wise.

They can’t wait. I can’t wait.

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  1. Happy to share our experience about our move to down under. Drop me a mail anytime 🙂

  2. Studying in a Chinese school is really tough. Ashley did the best she could….she deserves credit for trying and you too, for helping her as best as you could by hiring a tutor. By the way, how about Aidan? Is he coping well in a Chinese school?

    • Hi Carenlyn,
      Aidan is ok so far but we reckon he’d be struggling too next year in Std 3. We are also planning to pull him our of SJKC….

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