Big Brother and Baby Sister


(Photo taken on 25 May 2015)

I like how Aidan’s face scrunches up when he’s all out to get a reaction from his baby sister. Recently, Amelie wasn’t to keen on being carried by her brother and each time Aidan carried her, she cried at the top of her lungs!!!! I can understand why and this is because Aidan does not give her any  sense of security at all! Each time he carries her, he’d walk clumsily – even my heart would skip a beat!

So yesterday morning, I was upstairs in the bedroom and everyone else were downstairs. After 2 crying episodes from Amelie, Aidan came up into me bedroom and was visibly upset. He had tears in his eyes. Little did I know that he was upset that Amelie cried each time he tried to carry her. I advised him that he needed to regain her confidence in him before she starts to feel safe to be carried by him again. I told him to approach her calmly instead of swooping in to carry her without any warning. We tried this method and within the same day, both big brother and baby sister were all good again 🙂

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