Apology Note

2 weeks ago, I gave Ashley a HUGE HUGE lecture which lasted for days. As a result, she has been banned from watching TV and from any gadgets in the house for an infinite time – until I feel that she deserves it. Ashley is not one to cry easily but the lecture I gave her shook her to the core and she cried for days. She is officially walking on thin ice with me and I’ve warned her that a wrong move would be unwise.  I was SO mad till my eyes were going to pop out of my head and  my head felt like it was going to burst. I shall not disclose what she did in here. Howvever, the purpose of this post though was to share with you the cover of the note she wrote to me.


 Ashley is better at expressing her feeling on pen and paper. She wrote this to me and got Aidan, the messenger to pass the note to me.  In the note, she explained to me why she did what she did, how she felt and what she’d do to not repeat what she did again.

I love it when she writes these notes to me. It’s her way of opening up to us. I hope to receive more of these notes – not necessarily  as a result of a lecture from me but just notes to express their feelings, their desires, their ambition…anything.

Parenting is hard work. Who says it’s a breeze???? I pray that God will continue to guide us.

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