Amelie’s Bedtime Routine


(AK – 38 May 15 – 33 weeks)

I don’t recall putting Ashley and Aidan to sleep so easily as compared to Amelie. Perhaps it has been sooooo many years till I forgot? Nah.

When Ashley and Aidan were babies, I laid down beside them during bedtime before they could sleep! As for Amelie, I thank God that she is such an easy baby! She knows when it is bedtime when:

1. We dim the lights

2. Suit her up in her sleep sack

3. Has her smelly bunny next to her

4. Has binky in mouth

5. Mosquito net is placed over her to prevent ’em mozzies!

And while she potters around in her baby cot next to our bed, we’d be winding down for the night. Within 15-20 minutes, she’d self soothe herself to dreamland!

And yes, she does sleep throughout the night.

What more can I ask for right?

She’s godsend.

She’s healthy.

We’re all healthy.

Thank God for all the blessings!


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