Simple Steps for Beginner Minimalist

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Each time I look at my friend’s photos on Instagram, the photos of her house always make me want to do a major spring cleaning and get rid of 90% of the stuff we have here so that  our house is minimalist – like hers. Like really! She posted a photo of her son’s room on Instagram and I was wowed!  So I was thinking and here are some simple steps for a beginner minimalist.

1. Stop.buying.unnecessary.stuff. This is very important. We need to nip it in the bud.

2. Start small. Start with a room e.g. Kids’ bedroom. Then move on to the master bedroom, play room, kitchen, living room.

3. Jot down a list of the items to go through e.g. clothing, books, toys

4. Designate a donate pile.  Stuff that you no longer reach out for in the last 6 months can go to that pile. Don’t be sentimental because you might end up where you started minus some brain cells because you were to busy wrecking your brain on whether you should keep the items or not.

5. Set a timeline. I have experienced a never-ending spring cleaning project before where my house was perpetually in a mess!

I will start with the kids’ bedroom.

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