Baby Milestones at 25 Weeks


Amelie is 25 weeks this week.

So many new firsts this week.

Here are her baby milestones at 25 weeks.

1 April 2-15 - Promoted to a bigger bottle

We increased her milk intake from 4.5oz to 5oz in 6oz of water.

She has been promoted to a bigger milk bottle.

Yesterday, she had her first taste of some mashed carrots. It was interesting watching her suss out the mashed carrots.

We’ll be starting her on solids real soon. I’ve ordered some rice for babies for her which should arrive next week.

She has been sitting on the high chair with us during mealtimes because a family that eats together stays together right?

She has moved to the next size up for clothing i.e. from 3-6m to 6-9m. I can’t bear the thought of giving away the clothes that she can no longer fit into – especially her newborn ones. I’ve got so much fond memories of her in those clothing.

Lately, she has been trying to pull herself up into a sitting position. She isn’t able to sit up properly yet but it’s just a matter of time before she can.

She’s been getting lots of tummy time lately but hasn’t started to crawl yet.

I’ve started her on some flashcards. I downloaded a free app onto my smartphone. It’s called Infant Learning. I spend less than 5 minutes going through 2 sets of flashcards with her.

She’d be 6 months old in a few days’ time!


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