Universal Studios Singapore

On the 2nd Feb 2015, we brought the kids to Universal Studios Singapore. We got  a deal which was pretty attractive – $56 for 2 adults (normal price is $74 per adult), free parking, a$10 meal voucher, $5 retail voucher and a free gift. There was no promotion for the kids’ tickets though and we paid $54 per child (age 4-12).  USS opens from 10am-7pm and despite the fact that we knew we should get there by 10am to maximize our stay at USS, we only arrived at 12pm! It takes us so long to mobilize as a family of 5!

Here are some tips for those of you who are going to USS with children – especially if the little bub or toddler tags along :

1. Bring a stroller for your baby/toddler. There’s lots of walking to do so no point busting your back by carrying the little one. In addition to that, the stroller comes in handy because you can hang your stuff on the stroller handles or keep your stuff in the stroller basket.

2. Bring a raincoat. There’s no guarantee that it’d be rain free on that day. We went to USS twice 5 years apart and on both days, there were scattered showers throughout the day.

3. Bring one of those portable electric fan which you can clip onto the stroller so your baby/toddler would not feel so uncomfortable with the humidity and heat.

4. Bring a baby carrier.  If you have one, bring it along because at most attractions, you cannot bring the stroller in and will be advised to leave your stroller at the entrance. So in situations like that, just pop your baby into your baby carrier and you’re sorted.

5. Don’t forget your camera! We didn’t bother bringing our DSLR because it was too bulky. These days, we take photos with our trusty smartphones.

6. Bring a battery pack. If you’re going to be using your phones to communicate with one another and take photos and videos, chances are that your battery will run out really quickly. Bring a fully charged battery pack with you to avoid disappointments.

7. What to wear? Wear comfortable, casual clothing. I wore a slip dress and a pair of ballet flats. I did however see some women in heels – God bless their feet and back. Aidan wore a t-shirt and bermudas and a pair of sandals. Ashley was in a jumpsuit and wore a pair of sneakers.

8. Spare change of clothes. Don’t forget to bring a spare change of clothes especially for the kids in case they get all sweaty and stinky.

9. Express Pass. If you can afford it and don’t like queuing up in long queues, buy the express pass! We didn’t buy it though.

Here are some photos taken while we were at USS.






















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