Online Shopping in Malaysia

I ordered 2 skirts from an online shop based in Singapore because damn!  – the model looks so good in them and somehow I am still in denial. In my head, I still think that I look like my UK 10 self but really, I am much bigger than that. 10kg heavier and bigger to be exact. It’s a cruel reminder that I need to be consistent and push myself to work out everyday to lose that friggin 10KG or more.

Back to my skirts, I ordered 2 skirts. I waited 10 days for it to arrive because they had to ship it all the way from Singapore to Malaysia. When I tore the packing open, to my horror, one was in many sizes too small! I friggin ordered the wrong size. Even Ashley could wear the skirt! Damn. As for the other one, it is in the correct size but it made me look bigger than I already am!  Not good. Thank God for their returns policy –  I am able to return the items back and will get a credit note within 30 days.

I work from home and I do alot of online shopping because it is convenient. I buy whatever I can online because it is  more convenient for me. It saves me the hassle of driving out, saves on fuel, parking and basically saves time.

These are the things I look out for when I shop online…..

1. Shop at a reputable online store – Ensure that the online seller is reputable. With technology at our finger tips, just google reviews on the merchant if you are unsure of its credibility.

2. Check delivery charges and method – Most sellers will charge minimum for postage. If they offer free delivery – that’s even better!

3. Ease of payment –  I prefer it if the payment process is seamlessly integrated with the online shop upon the checkout process.  I don’t like the hassle of having to logon to my online banking website separately to make the transfer and then having to email the seller. I’m fussy like that. I prefer it everything is integrated and fuss free. That also goes for payment via credit card.

 4. Customer service and support – This is important.  I expect sellers to respond to me promptly (at least within the same day) no matter the amount I spend at their online shop.  It shows me that they take their customers seriously.

5. Online Shop layout – A well organized online shop layout eases the shopping experience. I like an online shop with a layout that is pleasing to the eyes. Heh….I am so hard to please right? The items should be categorized properly  and there should also be the ability to search for a particular product as well.

6. Availability of Stock – I’ve had the experience of ordering a baby carrier online from an online shop which didn’t state that they were out of stock on the ordering page. Since it was so difficult to source for the one I was looking for, I was happy that that particular online shop had stock available – or so I thought! So I ordered, paid and waited. The next day, someone from the online shop emailed me and said that their stock would only arrive the following week. Fine. I waited. 1 week later, nothing. I emailed them again. No reply. I was pissed. I had to email them for the 3rd time and finally someone responded and informed me that the stock will arrive the following week.  These people were clueless as to when their supplier was going to send them their stock.  I emailed them the following week   and they didn’t respond until I PMed them on their Facebook page and then only they got their arses moving. From that experience alone, I have decided to cross that online shop off my list!

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