How to Report Child Abuse in Malaysia?


Photo taken on the 26th May 2015

This morning, I happened to watcha video of child abuse on my Facebook timeline and that really pissed me off . It was a video of a lady bashing a baby’s head with a pillow. In addition to that, she also struck the baby on the head with her bare hands.

Yes, I know, we should not judge others if we do not know their full story but when it comes to child abuse – which in this case was clearly child abuse, I don’t effing care what her story was. No child should ever be abused by ANYONE. Period.  If innocent children cannot rely on adults to protect them, then who can they rely on? Child abusers should suffer the same kind of treatment they did to their victims and should basically rot in jail and hell.

How to report child abuse in Malaysia?

If you happen to witness  or suspect a child being abused, please do not turn a blind eye. I seriously don’t know how you’d be able to sleep if you do. You have the responsibility to report it to the authorities.

Call UNICEF at 15999 to report child abuse and provide the following information :

1. Address of location where the child is being abused or neglected

2. Types of abuse or facts of the case

3. Identity of the abuser or any information related to the abuser

All reports are confidential and names of anyone informing the authorities will not be made public.

If you are working with children, learn to recognize the signs of abuse here.


No go forth and hug your kids tighter!

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