DIY : Pencil Shavings Container


Being in a chinese school, well, it is a well known fact that the kids’ school bags weigh a tonne! And as though Aidan’s school bad is not heavy enough, he lugs around a container for his pencil shavings! When I queried him about it, he nonchalantly said that his teacher do not like the kids to stand up and walk to the corner of the classroom where the dustbin is to sharpen/dispose their pencil shavings. (That’s chinese school for you…) So the boy improvised and used one of the many cookie containers that we have in the house to store his pencil shavings instead! He also chucks 2 – 3 pencil sharpeners in there so he’ll never lose track of where they are! He can store 1 or maybe 2 weeks’ worth of pencil shavings in there!

Brilliant idea!


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