DIY : How To Store Lego


I have a love-hate relationship with Aidan’s Lego pieces because although I know it’s a good thing that he’s enjoying building and playing with his Lego, I hate to see them lying around the house!  He has recently started playing with Legos and his collection is still manageable at the moment but I reckon it will gradually grow. We initially thought of putting up some shelves just for his Legos but then it didn’t seem practical at that time.  The only slack thing is that if he wanted to play with them, he’d have to remove them from the shelves and play it somewhere and then put it them back on the shelves and some pieces might get lost in transit. You know how it is…. And  the thing is that we don’t have much room to set up a Lego table for him.  We ended up customizing a board and installed wheels under them so that he could store his Lego pieces on top of the board and when he didn’t want to play with them anymore, all he has to do is stow the board under the bed (cause that’s the only space we have!)

So here’ s what we did.

1. We got 2 pieces of boards from Ikea which are essentially the base of a drawer. They were going for rm30 a piece if I am not wrong. It’s definitely not over rm50 per board. Each board is about 3 feet by 2 feet.


2. Wheels – get 4 wheels per board to be screwed under each board and on each corner. You can find them in any hardware store. We got ours from ACE Hardware store.

3. Screws – get screws to screw the wheels onto the board. Again, we got them at ACE Hardware store. We used a hand drill to drill the screws into the board to secure the wheels on the board.


It took my hubby 10-15 minutes to set it up and it’s easy peasy!



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