Self Soothing to Sleep


Out of the 3 kids, I must say AK wins hands down when it comes to bedtime. Get this – The little one can self soothe herself to sleep!

I must have saved a country in my past life!  Like seriously! LOL!

2 months ago, I discovered this by chance. I was carrying her to sleep but she was fussing about in my arms during bedtime. Finally, I decided to place her in her cot and lo and behold!!!!! She immediately calmed down. I left her alone in the cot while I pottered around the bedroom and without realizing it, she fell asleep on her own within 15 minutes. From then on,   I’d execute the same routine during bedtime i.e. dim the lights, zip her up in her sleep sack, give her the pacifier and cover her with the mosquito net. Within 15 minutes, she’d wind down and fall asleep! What a good baby she is isn’t she?

Some old folks frown upon carrying babies all the time because they claim that the baby will be spoiled and will want to be carried all the time – even to sleep. We carry AK ALL THE TIME during the day because she is so cute and so irresistible! How not to cuddle, hug and carry her? It’d be a mortal sin! Ok ok…..that’s a bit too dramatic. But seriously, we carry her all the time during the day but that didn’t deter her from soothing herself to sleep on her own.

Oh what a blessing she is indeed!

*Feeling blessed and thankful.*

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