My First Born

My firstborn is 4 months shy of turning 10 years old.  Now where did all that time go? It also marks my 10th year in the blogosphere and it’s something I am proud of because my objective  was to write about my kids since their birth so that when they are old enough to read, they could go through this blog.
Now that Ashley is no longer a little child, we realized that we need to handle her differently as well. She is a sensitive girl and at the age where  she loves to experiment with things.
Yesterday afternoon, she casually asked me about eye brow trimming and how fast they’d grow back. I asked her if she wanted to trim her eye brows and she brushed me off. Fast forward to 4 hours later, I noticed half of her right eye brow were shaven off!!! When I asked her how she did it, she denied having anything to do with it. Ya right……who was she trying to kid right? I didn’t mind that she shaved her eye brows but what I didn’t like was her lying to me for 30 mins. Finally she requested that Aidan  leave the room and admitted that she used her dad’s shaver to shave her eye brows. All that drama was so tiring. But I get it. She didn’t want to look foolish in front of her younger brother. This girl has alot of pride.
I then began to wonder what other things she has tried behind my back.  It’s scary because she’s growing up so quickly. I’ve changed all the passwords on our digital gadgets  and if they want to use them,  they have to use it with adult supervision because God forbids what they’d stumble upon on the Internet. Just the other day, I saw Miley Cyrus MTVs in the history list in YouTube on the iPad! Argh!
So yea….We got to remember that she is a big girl now and we can’t continue treating her as though she is a 5 yo.  Everyday is a learning process for us. I’m actually thinking of signing us up for a parenting course.  We’ll see how it goes.

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