Project Runway Jr

Ashley has been holing herself up in the room for the last few days. She has been checking out tutorials on Youtube to guide her on how to sew a brand new wardrobe for her dolls. She ransacked her cupboard and gathered some old socks and stockings for her project.

They have to be stretchy Mom or else the clothes will not stick to the doll.” she said.

I told her to practice on the old socks and once she improves, she can go ahead and use the beautiful leftover material from  Zura’s Kupu Kupu Studio.

Project Runway Jr.

Not bad for a beginner eh? She took one hour to sew the dress above. I was really impressed.

Project Runway Jr

By evening, she churned out 3 outfits – 1 for Robocop (summer collection mind you), 1 for her headless Monster High doll and one for her headless Barbie doll.

Project Runway Jr

This is her latest creation. Not bad if you ask me.

More creations to come.

Stay tuned.

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