Monster Tail by Rainbow Loom

I ordered the Monster Tail by Rainbow Loom online from Maycraft and was pleased to receive the package in 1-2 business days.

When the package arrived, Ashley was very excited because she’s been getting Rainbow Loom bracelets from her friends and I kept telling her that I’ve already ordered the set   her online but the package has yet to arrive.

I thought of learning how to make the bracelets before teaching her how to do it but tiredness got the better of me. While I took an afternoon nap, she looked at the instructions and checked out tutorials on YouTube and learnt it herself! I must remember to let go and let her be. Let her learn stuff on her own at her own pace.

She spent the whole of yesterday afternoon learning how to make the monster tail. After 2 tries, she decided to start with the easier designs and went ahead and made the fish tail (is that what you call it?) bracelets

Soon after, she received ‘orders’ from Aidan. Upon his request, she made the bottom 2 bracelets for Aidan. Mine will be made this afternoon.

Can’t wait!

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