22 Aug 2014 – National Day of Mourning for the Victims of MH17

You read that right. 22 Aug 2014 has been declared a National Day for Mourning for the victims of MH17 when their remains are brought back to Malaysia on a special flight.
So what are you going to be doing then?
i believe we will observe silence for a period of time (don’t know when yet and for how long) and I read that some folks will be wearing black too. I reckon I will too.
I cannot even begin to imagine how they must have felt at the last few moments before they perished. When MH370 went missing, and it’s still is! , my hubby asked me what I’d do if he was on that plane. Choi!  Choi! Choi!. Frankly, I couldn’t answer him. It’s just too bizarre! And then 4 months later, MH17 was shot down.  The odds were definitely with Malaysia Airlines’.
I hope that thr mystery of Mh370 is solved soon so that the victims’ loved ones can get some sort of closure. And may the souls of the MH17 victims rest in peace.

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