How To Train a Child to Clean Up After His/Herself

Both Ashley and Aidan are total opposites.

While Aidan is very diligent in cleaning up after himself, Ashley on the other hand simply wreak havoc. If not supervised, the whole house will look as though it’s in a path of a tornado.


This got me riled up this morning and I know, I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff but we are all human afterall.

So allow me to rant…..

The problem is that she doesn’t totally clean up her mess. There will still be bits and pieces of her items peppered in the living hall. Some rubber bands here and there, hair clips, her comb, her sock,  pencils etc will be in every corner of the house. When I tell her to clean up, she would  clean up 50% of it (ala dump it somewhere else) and I end up having to nag until everything is in place.

Her bedroom is a mess. She is disorganized and basically dumps her stuff carelessly.

How do you deal with a messy kid?
At this stage –  without a domestic helper and me in my last trimester, I find it really irritating and frustrating when things are not in their place.

Aidan on the other hand takes care of his things and makes sure that they are put back in place even without being told.

Since I am having nesting instincts now, I’m even more agitated when I see a messy room. I’ve started spring cleaning the room our domestic helper used to occupy. I’m going to spring clean the kids’ room next, throw out whatever is not needed and see how long the room will stay neat. Meanwhile, I am going to set up a reward chart for them (again) and ensure that cleaning up after their own mess is a task in the list!

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