Friendship Bands

When I was in secondary school,  my friends and I used to make friendship bands for each other and we’d wear it on our wrists all the time – the more the better! It was the in-thing then. Last weekend, we went  to Popular Bookfest at KL Convention Center (which is on now until 3 Aug 2014) and we saw and bought a  Friendship Band kit (RM15) – which comes with some cross stitch floss, some beads and a manual on how to tie different types of knots.  I had fun making friendship bands again and back in my time, we didn’t have a manual nor youtube tutorial to learn how to tie the different types of knots for a friendship band. We learned by trial and error. Kids these days are very fortunate to have various learning aids to help them in whatever they want to pick up. The hubs have asked Ashley to make one for him. This will  definitely keep her occupied – at least before our Rainbow Loom order arrives.

Here are some interesting Friendship Band tutorials.

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