Growing Up

(Photo taken on 7 June 2013)

 Oh…where shall I start?

It’s been awhile since I’ve penned down my thoughts here…

*Dusts off cobwebs from blog*

You know that moment when you carry your child and notice how big  she has grown?

..or when you hold her hand and notice how much bigger her hand is?

….that moment when you look  at your child walking away from you and notice how his t-shirt and shorts are getting shorter?

Well, all those hit me all at once a few days ago.

Ashley quibbles and argues like me – which I cringe at most of the time because it reminds me how bad of an example I am!

Aidan’s still the manja boy. He still like his thumb and my hair. Occasionally, he’d sneak up on me from the back and put his face directly in contact with my bob hair-do! He likes that pokey-pokey feeling on his face.

Aidan’s cheeks are getting smaller!  He’s not that into milk compared to Ashley.

Ashley still loves susu!

The boy however will pretend to be asleep at night just to avoid drinking milk. Cheeky this one.

Looking at this photo….I can imagine them in the same pose when they are in their teens and just the thought of that  gives me goosebumps!

They are indeed growing up too quickly! Gotta remember to rid ourselves of distractions and cherish them now without any regrets.

That’s all I have to say for now.

Till next time, have a fab week!

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