[CLOSED] method Laundry Detergent & a Giveaway Contest!

We are no strangers to the method products. We’ve used the Method hand wash before I am such a sucker for nice packaging and to top it off, they are naturally derived, smells sooooo good, biodegradable and doesn’t leave your skin as though all the moisture has been stripped from your skin.

 See? Nice right???? And what was so unexpected (to me anyways) is that when you press the pump, foam is dispensed as opposed to liquid.

Ok enough about the fabulous hand wash. Today, I’m going to talk about the Method laundry detergent.

Might I add that I never thought that I’d look forward to doing the laundry.  I was approached to do a review of the Method laundry detergent.  What attracted me to this laundry detergent was that it’s natural, super concentrated (8x) and it’s biodegradable – which means we get extra clean clothes (which smells soooooo sooooo good! Seriously)  without leaving  any of the harmful stuff that most detergents leave behind.  The bottle is also recycled AND recyclable . You can also buy refills too!

Besides being green, it’s also easier to use. The bottle  fits one hand easily  so you don’t have to lift a heavy bottle of laundry detergent each time you want to dispense some laundry detergent into the washing machine.

The Method Laundry detergent with smartclean technology® delivers cleaning power with just  1/4th the dose of leading brands.

Dosage : Method laundry detergent is suitable for both front and top loading machines. 4 pumps into the dispenser is all that is required!  However as top loading machines use more water, please add an additional pump for heavy loads (9kg and above)

When I told my helper to dispense 4 pumps into the machine, she had to ask me to repeat what I said because she didn’t believe that all it took was 4 pumps for a full load wash in our machine.

I was very happy with the results. Hubs plays football 2-3 times a week and we have been going for hikes lately and let’s just say that we have major laundry to do each week. The clothes are clean and on top of that, they smell so so good!

See how small the packaging is compared to the other stuff in my cleaning/laundry caddy? It’s small but it sure is packed with alot of punch in it.

P/S Guess what’s in Little Nemo?

Ok, so many of you will be wondering how much the method Laundry Detergent is.

Here’s the price list.

300ml (25 loads) – RRP RM 28.00

600ml (50 loads) – RRP RM41.80

method products are available at Cols Storage, Tesco outlets (Ampang, Mutiara Damansara, Shah Alam, Puchong, Kajang, Tanjung Penang, Kelana Jaya), Carrefour (Mid Valley), Village gricer, Isetan (KLCC), Jaya Grocer, Hock Choon and Ace Hardware.

OK, Contest time!!!!

method  to the rescue! Contest

How to join?

1. Submit a short story  (by commenting in this blog post) of someone whom you think deserves a method product sent to them as a surprise gift. Tell us why your friend needs to be ‘rescued’ – does she have piles of extremely dirty laundry and children with sensitive skin? Does she want a cleaner that’s as smart as she is? Does want a cleaner that good and works hard, just like she does? Is he sick of his house smelling like hospital cleaner? Does her kid like to lick stuff off the floors, thereby licking floor cleaners as well?

2. Check out www.facebook.com/methodmalaysia to learn about method’s household and personal care products you would like your friend to have.

3. Readers can submit as many stories as they like about different friends.

4. I will select 5 lucky winners of the method to the rescue! Contest. 5 different readers who wrote the winning short stories will be sent a selection of method household and personal care items worth over RM80!!

5. Your friend, the stars of the stories will each be sent the full-sized method product as described in the short story.

6. This contest is open  to resident of Malaysia only

7. The contest starts today, 28 Nov 2012, 11:00am (GMT+8) and will end on 5 Dec 2012 11:00am (GMT+8).

8. Winners will be announced in this blog and at mom2ashley’s Facebook page before the end of next week.

7. Winners will be given 48 hours to acknowledge their winnings. If you fail to do so, the prizes will go to the next selected winners.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and submit your stories now! If you are selected, you and your friend will receive prizes. Win-Win!


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  1. My friend, Lisa Tan deserves this Method Laundry Detergent because she inherited a very old front load washing machine. She told me it was difficult for her to buy washing detergents that are low suds. Because of the age of the washing machine, she has to be very careful on the type of detergent put in. By reading the review, I feel that this Method is the answer to her washing problems. I hope Method will provide an opportunity to Lisa to try out this Method Laundry Detergent soon.

  2. I know one person who deserves this! And we all have that one person at any one point in our lifes!! Its my MOM! My super MOM that helps me with my laundry and keeps my entire household clean while Im away at work! She even helps prepare hot warm delicous dinner every weekday and will wait till we all finish and then helps us wash the dishes too! Love her to bits! She definately needs good, clean, fast & reliable products to help her in her daily housework. Do you love your MOM too??

  3. My mum fits the description, always one who is open best and latest which is also environmentally conscience as she is really worried about global warming. The method laundry detergent will serve her well.
    She is the one who makes sure that we have clean and great smelling laundry, never underestimate what can it does to ones day.
    Besides, she has got sensitive skin and the size of this mighty cleaner will ensure clutter free laundry cupboard.
    I think she and the method laundry detergent are great partners as both small in size and super efficient around the house.

  4. My aunty, Aunty Heart deserves one! Why? Cos she took care her 3 grandsons, aged 8,5 and 3. Whenever the kids go out and play, they will come back with dirty clothes. Can you imagine, one day changed 3 times of clothings? She ended up having piles and piles of laundry needed to be done at the end of the day. So she needs METHOD to help her with her laundry.

  5. Imagine graduating three kids, and seeing two of them married off. That would be my mom. Cept that the year she graduated my youngest brother, was the same year she took in her grandson from my oldest brother to care for – full time, without a maid! That lil grandson of hers is now a year old, walking about like a drunken master, tasting household items whenever she turns away for awhile, and having her do his laundry for him too. It helps that his clothes are small and easy to do, though full of saliva and food bits. On top of that she still does the daily chores around the house. Method would help her sanitise the house well enough for her curious grandson, be gentle on her aged hands as she washes the dishes, and have her feeling refreshed from smelling lovely scents after doing the laundry. Method for Mom!

  6. My mum fits the description, always one who is open to the best and latest.
    She is also environmentally conscience as she is really worried about global warming that is why the method laundry detergent which is biodegradable will serve this purpose.
    Mom is also the one who makes sure that we have clean and great smelling laundry, always a great start to ones day.
    The size of this detergent will ensure a clutter free laundry cupboard which suits my mum.
    I think she and the method laundry detergent are similar as they are both small in size and super efficient making them indispensable.

  7. The person i think deserves this is my brother. He is a very meticulous person when it comes to cleanliness especially his kids’ laundry as his daughter has super sensitive skin.

    I am hoping that this small wonder will help his little girl live an itch free life and lead a more active life. This biodegradable detergent will allow him to keep his house spik and spank without having to worry about it effects on the environment.
    Method will help this dedicated dad ensure a happy and clean home.

  8. I’d like to share this product with my best friend, Meg. Her house is very neat and clean.. I do hope she can continue to maintain his house’s condition, at the same time, with the power and magic of Methods, she can still maintaining having her super smooth fair pair of hands..

  9. The best person I can think of is my Dad, who deserves this Method Laundry detergent. Not only does he washes his clothes but he also washes his grand-daughter’s clothes. (He helps care for my 3 (three) girls). He would also make sure that everything in the house would be clean and comfortable for his grand-daughters. Besides, this superb detergent is small, fast to use in 4 pumps and doesn’t need much strength carry / hold compared to others which are big and bulky. Just perfect for my dad.

  10. Since the arrival of our daughter, my wife has been especially careful about the detergents she uses in the house especially so when my daughter has eczema. These products really burn a deep hole in our pockets and she is yet to find a product that satisfies her high standards of cleanliness.

    I am hoping that Method products is the answer to our problems and therefore allowing her to use them without fretting besides keeping her hands gentle.

  11. I would love to this product with my mum in law. She is a caring grandma who ensures that the house is clean and neat at all times. Being an old school grandma, she still washes her clothes by hand before loading them in the washing machine. I am hoping the Method detergent will keep her hands smooth and gentle.
    The size of the detergent is also a winner as it allows for clutter free and no more lifting bulky heavy detergents.

  12. *Forgot to specify which product, so am resubmitting. Please ignore previous one. Sorry!*

    Imagine graduating three kids, and seeing two of them married off. That would be my mom – time to call it a day, right? No! Cause the year she graduated my youngest brother, was the same year she took in her grandson from my oldest brother to care for – full time, without a maid!

    That lil grandson of hers is now a year old, walking about like a drunken master, tasting household items whenever she turns away for awhile, and having her do his laundry for him too. It helps that his clothes are small and easy to do, though full of saliva and food bits. On top of that she still does the daily chores around the house.

    Method’s squirt + mop hard floor cleaner would be awesome to kickstart her non-toxic Method journey as she’ll see that it’s safe to have around her grandson. METHOD for MOM!

  13. I want to give Method laundry detergent to my best friend YM. She is a full time working mom with 2 kids. Her live is busy juggling work and taking care the family, I hardly can visit her during the weekend because she spends the weekend doing house works and have no time for anything else. Piles of laundry need to be done separately as the children have sensitive skins, she herself is also allergy to dust. I used to see her sneezing non stop while cleaning up the house. I hope with Method laundry detergent, she can delegate the clothes cleaning task to. the husband cuz it is easy to use and has good result. I will check out more Method product to help her lesser her burden.

  14. This is great and perfect for my wife… As the queen of the house and the majesty of the laundry this will surely make her life easier.
    1) She herself suffers the allergy rhinitis. I hope this detergent will ease that problem (normal detergent caused the laundry to be a bit dusty, causing her to sneeze)
    2) 3 active kids with hard stain clothes – big no no.. wifey spends time to scrub, rub & make sure the stain is off before it goes into the washing machine.. So no more scrubbing, and less nagging i hope (peace wifey love!)
    3) Easy for me as well.. I help her to do the laundry and I know how hard it is.. So this is the perfect opportunity for me to show how knowledgeable I am (ahem) on household thingy..
    4) Love is a mysterious thing is it. This makes a perfect gift to wifey as a token of my love!!!


  15. what a perfect gift for my mum.. Now that I am a mum myself, i realize how hassle it is to do laundry. Colour sorting, scrubbing stain, and rounds and rounds of laundry – DAILY.. i kid you not. So mum, I salute you long before we have the machine you use your BARE HANDS… if i were to hand-wash all the jeans, t-shirts, I’d cry in the toilet!! So Method laundry detergent you are the savior, for me and my mommy…

    (still a mummy small child at heart)…

  16. my mom – she tries not to use detergent (chemicals) in washing. for dishwashing, she uses homemade enzymes.. I think she hasn’t found substitute for laundry detergents so maybe this method laundry detergent is the answer?

  17. My Godmother deserves to have this as till now she still refuses to use washing machine and only hands to wash clothes. Is this is all natural then it wont hurt her hands as normal detergents do now. she will usualy wear gloves.. but with this i can tell her she dont have to wear gloves to wash as it is all natural. she will be amazed!!!

  18. I think the person who called herself the “hokkien” maid at home deserves this prize. She doesn’t believe that having a maid at home can make her life easier and happier, as she is now still fit to cook and run the daily chores at home. As the best grandma in the world, she will make sure the school uniforms of my kids are clean. My boy often comes back with food stains, water colour stain, rust stain (from the seesaw) and name it.. all kind of stains on his shirt. First thing she will do every school day, is to squad at the toilet and start scrubbing his shirt with pre-wash liquid, before leaving it to soak over night. She does a better job than the mother to my kids, which is me! So I think she deserve a better solutions to continue to become the best grandma in the world.

  19. I need to get the Method Hand Soap for my lovely wife. Ever since the arrival of our daughter three years ago, she has been busy juggling her roles as a wonderful wife to our daughter and me. Our home is always sparky clean and in order as she is an organized person. She is so tidy that she only wants to do it all by herself without my help as according to her I don’t do a good job. I have never seen her using any home care products that are truly gentle for her hands. By winning the Method Hand Soap for my wife, I hope that she can get the job done without much worries, as these products are gentle to her hands.

  20. I really want to get the Method Laundry Detergent for my mum because she is 60 and still washing her own clothes by hand. She believes that only by hand washing the clothes will be clean. Moreover, she is a person that will not want to spend too much on good detergents as to her, all of them are the same. I can see her hand skin drying and at times cracking, but she will just say it’s due to her sensitive skin. No matter how much I try persuading her in getting a quality detergent, she will always return it back and ask me to use it as I need it more than her. I really hope she can test this product and see it for herself that, Method Laundry Detergent is not the same as the rest.

  21. My hubby works outdoors and he’s a rather simple guy. He is not an adventurous person and doesn’t like to try different products because he believes that all of them are made equal and it’s mainly due to branding. He only buys soap bars and would not try gentler products such as shower gels, shower foam etc. Despite my years of ‘brainwashing’, I have failed to convince him. I am really lost for ideas for now and hopefully if given the chance to try the Method Hand Soap, it will convince him there are products out there more loving for the skin.

  22. My good friend Chui Nee is one rather busy woman. Raising two energetic young boys is no easy task when her husband is always outstation for work. She lives with her in laws and is responsible for chores keeping the house clean. She has a basketful of dirty clothes everyday and cleaning them takes up much of her time. When she was single, she used to enjoy pampering herself by going for facials and spas. However, life is so busy nowadays, she barely has time. I really hope she can pamper herself with the Method Laundry Detergent as there are so much of washing to be done by her everyday.

  23. My good friend Patsy is a hardworking full-time working mother. She hardly has time off due to her busy schedules. She does most of the house chores by herself as she does not have the luxury of helper. Being a meticulous and tidy person, she only believes in doing all the house work and her son’s laundry on her own. When I visited her recently, I noticed that she was wearing gloves to clean her bathroom as the detergent was too strong that it stings her hands. I can really feel for her and hope that with the Method Multi Purpose Cleaner, she can do her cleaning with ease and free from pain.

  24. I would love to get the Method Squirt + Mop for my daughter. She mops the house floors twice a day as cleanliness is important to her. It is never easy keeping the house clean as her children are forever actively “messing” things around. Seeing her cleaning the floor and doing others house chores makes me worried at times as most detergents on the supermarket shelves are really strong and not suitable for a person that has skin allergies, like herself. I hope Method can come to rescue her as soon as possible.

  25. I have been washing clothes for my family for twenty years. On rainy and gloomy days, the clothes give a funny odour and my husband is never be happy with the end result. We have tried many brands of detergents but he is never satisfied. I will end up washing the clothes a second time. I hope that Method Laundry Detergent will solved our nightmare for years and looking forward to a brighter solution and cleaner wash.

  26. I’m hoping to win Method Wood for Good Polish for my daughter as her house is filled with wood furniture. She has been looking for a polish that works wonders since some of the products that she has tried tend to leave behind an oily residue and streaks on the furniture. It’s also hard to find a polish that smells pleasant and doesn’t cause headaches. It would be great if Method comes to her rescue and end her search for the best wood polish.

  27. Method All-Purpose Cleaner would also be a great gift for my daughter. Though she enjoys cleaning, removing stubborn grease and grime off of the kitchen surfaces is time-consuming and at times, frustrating. Not to mention the kitchen blinds are dust magnets and cleaning them can be a real pain in the neck. She has shelves full of cleaning products but most of them did not work well. I believe Method All-Purpose Cleaner will make house cleaning a breeze.

  28. I would like to win Method Bathroom Cleaner for my mother. She cleans our bathroom on a daily basis and there is no doubt that it is one of the hardest yet most important room in the house to clean. I personally feel that cleaning grout between tiles can sometimes seem like an endless chore for her. She has also been trying to remove tough stains from sinks and shower. I hope and pray that Method comes to her rescue as it will make a world of difference for her.

  29. I’d like to get method hand wash for my friend – my 2 years old daughter is particular about keeping her hand clean, she likes washing her hands with hand wash everywhere she goes. One day, when we were visiting my friend, she saw hand wash in the toilet and wanted to wash her hand (it was a nice pink one). She immediately declared, ‘Auntie got nice toilet’ just because she liked the hand wash!

  30. I would love to win Method Wood for Good Polish for my father who cares for his wood furniture just like he cares for his car. Since some wood furniture has special finishes which require a great deal of care, it has been a great challenge for him to keep his precious furniture looking its best. I’ve heard that Method polish gives even old wood furniture a facelift. I hope this so-called knight in almond-scented armor will come to his rescue.

  31. Thanks to everyone who have participated and shared your stories. I will announce the 5 lucky winners very very soon! Stay tuned!

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