Fun with Wikki Stix

What are Wikki Stix you ask?

Wikki Stix are pieces of yarn-dipped in non-toxic patented wax – the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick.

They are safe.

They don’t contain latex, gluten nor peanut or other nut oils or byproducts hence making them ideal creative activity toy for children with allergies.

In short, Wikki Stix is safe, gluten free and non toxic.

The folks at Think Thank Pte Ltd were kind enough to send us a mini play pack for the kids to play with.

When it arrived, my kids were curious as to what they could do with simple strips of 6″ yarn but little did they know that the possibilities are endless. The pack comes with 8 Wikki Stix and simple instructions on how to get you started.

So how does one play with it?

Wikki Stix can be bended, twisted and shaped into virtually anything. They stick to themselves and can stick on almost all smooth surfaces. They don’t smell but they are abit sticky to the touch – which is ok. You can wash your hands with soap after play. The tacky properties of the wax allows them to stick to themselves.

Here’s a video of Ashley and Aidan playing with Wikki Stix,


Wikki Stix are great gifts for kids. It helps to promote parent-child bonds and unleash the creativity in each individual. Trust me. You’d be surprise with the creations your kid comes up with. And the BEST part of all, there is no mess! To clean up, all you have to do is straighten up the Wikki Stix, stick them back to the plastic sheet they came in and store them away.

Quick and easy!

Wikki Stix is currently retailing at Kinokuniya KLCC, Czip Lee bangsar, and

And here’s some good news.

All mom2ashley’s readers are entitled to use the coupon code BLOG1012 and enjoy a 10% discount. All you need to do is enter the coupon code upon check out from the shopping cart.  And I think the BEST part is that they offer free delivery worldwide with no minumum purchase. This coupon code is only valid for online purchases on

For more information, log on to Facebook/WikkiStix Asia

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