Preparing For Standard 1 Exams

It’s the time of the year. Year end exams have started! I’ve ranted before on my Facebook page that doing revision with Ashley is as though she is doing me a favor and to me, that is so wrong. To cut the long story short, I gave her a piece of my mind on Sunday, she cried for 30 minutes and the next day, she was like an angel with a totally different disposition to learn! Before that, getting her to do her homework and revision were synonymous to pulling out her teeth (and mine!).

I admit that I can’t help her at all where subjects in Mandarin is concerned and that’s where I rely totally on her tutor to prepare her for her exams. I do however revise BM and English with her – to the best of my abilities.

The day after I gave her a piece of my mind, she sat next to me and did her revision from morning till mid afternoon with me – with breaks in between.

My job as a parent is to prepare her for her exams as best I can and  ensure that she does her best.

When I picked her up from school on the first day of her exam, she quickly informed me that she will not score 100% for her Mandarin but she assured me that she did her best.

That’s good enough for me.

I don’t expect her to get 100%.

I only expect that she does her very best.

It’s tough being a parent.

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  1. Even at Std 3, I still feel that preparing my eldest for her exam is like I am sitting for the exam for her. She is as cool as a cucumber and totally not worried about her results or whether she remains in the top class next year or not. Makes my blood boil too each time I turn my back and she does something else. My 7YO is even worse!

  2. Yeah it’s tough. I always tell my son that it’s okay if we do not win or come out FIRST in races or exams as long as we have done our BEST! It’s not okay to loose if we did not give it all out but if we know we have done the best that we can, whatever the outcome, just be proud of it 🙂

  3. really not easy to become a parent. mine has a lackadaisical attitude and prefers to play than to study. i also told ashley to do her best and not to worry about getting 100% marks 😛

  4. Am experiencing the same dilemma as health freak and
    yourself, i sometimes wonder about sending her off to tuition. Being a SAHm makes it harder for that decision so i stick to revising with her the best i can. I am more stress about their exams than they r, makes me wonder whether we r too result oriented these days.

  5. it is not easy…at least she will still sit down n do…
    my boy is super playful n hard to get him to sit like your girl…… i totally got to rely on external to assist on all the mandarin papers…

    Teaching BM is tough..sigh….

  6. It’s super tough being a parent these days. I don’t send my boy for tuition and myself being from kebangsaan school, I have to learn Chinese along with him. Tough, I must say and I am struggling to teach him this subject now that he is in std 3. 🙁 For BM, I put lots of focus building up his BM vocabs through drilling and reading story books since his kindy days so he has no problems scoring high marks for the 2 papers. English in SJKCs is easy. A lot of work needs to be done though for his Chinese, his weakest subject. We’ll see how he performs during this year-end exam and decide from there if he really need external help.

  7. i agreed with u.. the most important thing is our children do their best.. that’s good enough for me too! ^_^

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