Decorating The Kids’s Room With Paper Lanterns

Ever since I started shopping at Cotton On, I haven’t been able to resist getting my hands on many things. One of them were the paper lanterns. They were a bit pricey – RM59 for 10 paper lanterns. So I procrastinated for about 2 weeks and finally bought it from the shop instead!

This is a picture of the kids’ room before the paper lanterns were put up. I love buntings and couldn’t bear to part with the ones I made for Ashley’s birthday party so I decorated their room with them instead.

This is a picture of their room after I put up the paper lanterns. I removed a row of washi buntings but left 2 rows of paper buntings up there. I like it too much to remove them and the kids wanted them to be up there along with the paper lanterns too 🙂

I initially wanted to get a different design but Aidan INSISTED on getting this one with the birds. So ok la….it’s their room after all 🙂 The lanterns do give the room a dreamy effect, don’t you think so?

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  1. Cait also has the lanterns above her bed. She likes to turn them on at bedtime, and just lie in bed and look at them. It gives a cosy effect to the room. She will switch them off and turn on the night light before she sleeps.

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