Cotton On Haul

I blogged about the Cotton On sale earlier on and I personally know  friends who got hooked to it  and placed multiple orders on Cotton On! – Thanks to the free shipping promo.

As mentioned earlier on, a kid’s top is going for as low as RM10 per piece. The cheapest women’s top is RM5.  A set of bikini (top and bottom) is as low as RM12 per set and the material is good. The cheapest pair of shoes you can find is RM15. I took the opportunity to do Christmas shopping too for my nieces and nephews and friends because I always end up spending more a bomb doing last minute Christmas shopping.

Here’s most of my loot….

Order #1 and 2

Order # 3

I snagged the street letter ‘A’ for RM9 and popped it up in an old Ikea frame.

You like?

Order # 4

Order # 5

I didn’t take a picture of order #6 but I did order a pair of Zara flats for only RM15 but dang! It didn’t fit me at all so I am going to pass that over to my sister.

Order # 7

Order # 8 is on the way 🙂

To those of you who have not shopped take advantage of the sale + free shipping promo, don’t say I didn’t warn you ya:) It’s a great time to shop for Christmas presents! Check it out at here.

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of order! I bought mostly for myself because no size for my kids. Thanks for sharing the website.

  2. I saw you buying bikinis too. It is really as steal. Let me count, I have got, 4 pairs of bikinis, tops and bottoms. So, it is time to work hard to shed my belly fat.

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