Dealing with a 7 Year Old

Off and on, we encounter challenges in parenting our 7yo.I was googling tips on parenting a 7yo  and stumbled across this from Great Schools.

Now more socially aware, your child thinks about the world around him.

This is a time of fragile self-esteem, so offer frequent encouragement and positive feedback.
Help ease the tendency for self-criticism by stressing what he’s learned rather than how the final product looks.

Be patient and understanding of volatile emotions and moods.

Take advantage of his eagerness to learn by asking open-ended, thought-provoking questions, doing puzzles, and playing thinking games.

Initiate discussions about right vs. wrong.

Provide opportunities for independent decision-making.

I gotta remind myself that parenting evolves with the child’s age and that  we cannot treat her the way we did when she was 5 years old. Sometimes, we as parents are in too deep in the moment until we forget to stop, take a step back and breathe.

Parenting is hard work!

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