Picnic At Home

When the kids run out of things to do at home, they’d whip out the picnic mat, drag the box of masak-masak toys  and a couple more props out onto the garage and have  a picnic.

The gross part is that they play with Sydney’s food!

Care for some dog food?

In case you don’t know who Sydney is….

She’s our labrador retriever.

9 years old. (63 dog years old?)

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  1. haha it’s ok lah, dog food is safe for consumption by humans although it tastes bad (yes, I’d tried it when I was small!!!). Sydney is really cute – hope she (?) doesn’t pounce on me the next time.

  2. She clearly has your fashionista genes.. I would prefer my girl to dress up girly girly than not bother at all eh ? *scared she might become tomboy*

  3. That’s so nice… but how come the kids can keep their playtime so tidy and neat? I wouldn’t mind a picnic in my house everyday if it’s like that…

  4. Such adorable pretend play with the dog food – I’ve got mixed feelings too LOL

    Btw, you have a beautiful dog!!!

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