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Dress : Cotton On

When I was a kid, I loved to dress up even at home. I loved to wear dresses,  skirts, shorts, long pants…you name it. It helps too that my mom was in the retail fashion business as well so each time she comes back from her shopping trips to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, she’d buy me clothes too. I loved to match my clothing. – Pink top, pink skirt, pink socks, pink shoes, pink ribbon, pink underwear even! Yeap! There was no way around it. My mom taught me young!

So it’s no surprising this girl of mine loves to dress up. But hang on – don’t all girls love to dress up? The ones I know do anyway.

With Ashley though, she loves to mix patterns and colors up so she’s not all matchy-matchy. Because matching things up is so last decade? I read that somewhere.

Oh well. Who cares.

Here are  some of her mismatch moments.

Pantaloon outfit from Malacca (no brand). Head band from H&M.

Jumpsuit  from Kenzo , Shoes from Gap Kids.

I like that she experiments new things related to fashion. This girl is going to be on helluva fashionista when she grows up!

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