The Sad Realities of Living in Malaysia

Every morning, I wake up to disturbing news in Facebook and in emails – “Smash & Snatch” incidents – women being the target victims of these crimes, kidnap cases and the list goes on and on. As a RAKYAT , I.DON’T.FEEL.SAFE. Period.

If I compare my childhood with my kids’ childhood, they vary significantly.

I used to cycle around my neighborhood with my friends in the evenings.

I used to walk out to the neighborhood sundry shop to buy junk food.

When my mom owned a fashion boutique, I used to walk around the shopping mall on my own when I was bored.  (I was 7yo)

Will I let my kids do all that today?  Definitely not! Call me paranoid but I think the society has led us to be very paranoid and cynical people – so much so that the first instinct we have when our car is knocked by another car is that the other person is out to rob you or carjack you. This is the sad reality of living in Malaysia.

These days, robbers no longer wait to rob people at night. They do it in broad day light. This shows that they are desperate and very bold and would not stop at anything to get what they want.

My friend’s mom lives at Klang. One fine afternoon, as she was walking home, she was approached by  2 Indian men from the back. They used a bottle to hit her head and started kicking her when she was down on the ground. She is a feisty little old lady and she fought with all her might. When the 2 scumbags got her purse, they ran away – leaving her there on the ground – bloody and all. She then crawled all the way to her home and when she reached her front gate, she fainted. Luckily, the neighbors saw her and quickly brought her to the hospital. This happened 2-3 years ago. Thankfully she is ok.

My sister’s handbag got snatched at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar in broad day light.

A friend of mine was almost kidnapped when she was out jogging with 2 others. A man from a motorbike jumped down the bike and wanted to grab her. Luckily, she ran for her life and told her friend to do the same. This happened a few days ago at Sunway Damansara, PJ.

These scumbags are everywhere.

I do not allow my kids to cycle round the neighbourhood on their own for fear of being kidnapped.

I do not allow them to go anywhere without adult supervision.

I do not allow them to go into public toilets on their own.

I carry my handbag like a crazed woman.

Each time a motorcycle stops next to my car at the traffic lights, I get nervous.

Each time we get into the car, I got to make sure that my handbag is not within sight for fear that my windows may get smashed when our car is  stationary at the traffic lights or in a traffic jam.

We try to stay off the streets just in case some crazy f***er who has nothing better else to do splash acid on our faces.

We fixed alarms in our house and fence and installed grills like Pudu Jail.

We sleep with a golf stick and sturdy bamboo stick next to our bed.

Before we open our gate and drive into our driveway, we have to look around to see if there are any suspicious fellas lurking around. If they are, they have Sydney to answer to and go back without any balls – our their manhood even.

Each time we go out, our kids are not free to roam about for fear that they may be kidnapped.

Each time you go to a mamak, do not leave your handphone on the table because do not be surprised if it’s gone before you can swallow your first mouthful of roti canai.

When we’re at the shopping mall, we only take the lift when it is absolutely necessary because lifts are also not a safe place to be in these days.

We shouldn’t  be living our lives in fear like this. This is so not right.

Contrary to what was reported recently, the   crime rates HAVE not dropped. We sure don’t feel any safer than we did 5 years ago.

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  1. is fear is the last thing we want to do. I’m just wondering if any of these crimes has to do with the coming election?

  2. i totally agree…it’s not safe anymore. i used to roam my neigbourhood when i was younger, alone or with my brother and cousins. we were not even in our teens yet. i used to cycle late nights on my own, my parents don’t even know my whereabouts but it was that safe then. and yes, you’re right, my kids will never enjoy the kind of childhood i had. no way will i leave them unattended unless they have mastered martial arts!

  3. yes, it is very bad now. things have gotten from bad to worse. don’t think the men in blue can do much. i used to roam my neighbourhood on a bicycle for hours when i was a kid. i even rode my bike to other tamans to visit my friends. syn nee is right, our kids will never get to enjoy this because the world is not a safe place anymore. i won’t even let ashley play by herself on the porch of our house.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better than you… I have never allowed my kids to be ALONE even in my own garden even with the gate locked. Who knows who might just jump in. And part of my maid’s job scope is to EYE them like a hawk whenever we are out in the malls or even pasar malam.

  5. Jasmine : Hmmm dunno if related to politics and if it is, then…I really don’t know what to say…*sigh*

    Syn Nee : Sad right…We had more freedom as kids…

    Barb : Same here! I don’t let my kids play at the porch on their own even if the main gate is locked!

    Irene : See…we can’t even let the kids play in the garden on their own. This is sooooo sad! Same here..I have been constantly reminding my new helper to keep a watchful eye on the kids when we’re out.

  6. Sigh………
    And what did our home minister say? It’s our perception the crime rate has dropped?

  7. scary!! now we have to hide at home ALL TIME because i no longer dare to go out bringing 3 kids alone as hub is so busy nowadays :”(

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