Radio Flyer Scooter

I recently purchased this pre-loved Radio Flyer scooter off an expat who was going to move back to UK.   The kids were pretty excited when I got it. They’ve always longed for one and they’ve been bugging us to get it for the longest time! The last time we were at Tesco, Aidan used a scooter to follow us isle after isle!

This one comes with 3 wheels and it’s for beginners. It’s very stable – far from flimsy and what I like about it is that  the handle can be easily folded and the unit stored away easily.

I  only got 1 of these so the kids would have to very well share to use this. I know though that it’s a matter of time before they get tired of it and I’d have to list it for sale!

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  1. Hi!

    If your kids ever get tired of this scooter and you want to sell it off, please seriously consider contacting me via email. Thanks!

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