Hello Kitty

You know how I love shopping – whether it is online or offline. I came across Diamond Supply Co. They have a wide selection of edgy street wear clothing and accessories. Here are some of my favorite items…

This Hot Pink Sequined Dazzled  Hello Kitty coin purse. It’s so retro! I likey! It comes in silver too but I think I like this one in hot pink better 🙂

Hello Kitty USB Flash Drive

Hello Kitty Silver Face Sequin Bag.

Ok, I wouldn’t use this bag but I’d be thrilled if Ashley wanted a bag like this 🙂 She’s a bit of a diva if I may say so myself…(I wonder where she gets that from?) 30 years ago, I was a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty. The thing is – it was not so easy to get Hello Kitty merchandise at KK! So I was kinda deprived. My mom travelled to Singapore and Hong Kong on a monthly basis and she’d get me Hello Kitty stuff – pencils, bags, notebooks, clothes, handkerchiefs, YOU NAME IT!  And you know what? Sometimes I subconsciously project my interest in Hello Kitty stuff to Ashley – hoping that she’d be as enthusiastic about Hello Kittuy stuff  as I was when I was her age. But she’s not as crazy as I was back then 🙂

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