10-Minute Workout : Arms and Legs with Sadie Lincoln

I am a Sino Kadazan and if you’re from KK – you know what they say about Kadazan lass’ legs in general – like kayu balak (timber log) with big-ass knees. Like mine. Seriously. The hubby never fails to remind me how much bigger my knees are compared to his.


Anyway…..no matter how atheletic I was at school (I was in track and field ok…’don’t play-play‘, played tennis, swam, was a netball freak!) and no matter how much I run (obviously not running enough! and perhaps not doing the right exercises), my legs are still soft like tau-fu (beancurd). *sigh*. Each time I browse through online shops, it makes me want to run even more!

Anyway, I stumbled across this 10-min exercise to work out those arms and legs by Sadie Lincoln here at Fitsugar. Looks easy but it’s tough. Try it. As Jane Fonda use to belt out in her aerobics video, ‘FEEL.THE.BURN!’


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  1. good. i m going to try this..n not be ashamed as i will do it at home. u know, i m so weak..(or less fit). i cant even reach my toes..

  2. Hi there!!!

    Emm….is it?? I have been to KK twice and noticed the Kadazan girls are very fair and pretty. Never notice their legs though. :0

  3. you now know that if i ever see you, i will be looking down at your knees to see what exactly do you mean right?! :p

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