The Neighbourhood Indian Barber Shop

We used to bring Aidan to one of the quick cut shops for his regular hair cut and pay RM12-15 each time. They’d usually do a mediocre job at cutting hair. Nothing fancy. Just don’t expect to walk out looking like a super star. Recently, we noticed that a new Indian Barber shop opened in our neighbourhood and since it was time for Aidan’s hair cut, I brought him there instead. The barber shop had a jar of lollipops so the kids and the kids were thrilled to be offered one each. The Indian Barber did an excellent job in cutting Aidan’s hair for only RM8. He used the electric shears, and then touched it up with scissors and lastly used a fresh new blade to clean up the edges. Last but not the least, just as I thought the Indian Barber was done, he took a can of mousse and sprayed 2-3 rounds of mousse on Aidan’s hair and styled it like this…

Ashley and I thought he looked pretty cute. In fact, he looked even cuter with that grumpy look on his face. Aidan hated that hair style. He wanted to run his fingers through his hair but I stopped him to avoid his hands getting sticky and all and assured him that we will wash it off once we get home.


See how frustrated he was?

He kept going on and on during our car ride home on how stupid he looked. And believe you me, he was very very very long winded.

Ashley and I had a good laugh at his expense  though:)

The next time we brought Aidan to the Indian Barber shop, he only agreed to step into the shop when we promised him to tell the barber not to style his hair with mousse 🙂


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  1. Haha, shorter would be nicer, I bring William to Indian barber since baby and he is ok. I tell the Indian barber to make it short, comb up like Aidan’s.

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