Mother’s Day 2012

Every year, the kindy organizes a Mother’s Day celebration at school. There’d be singing, dancing and also arts and craft with mother and child(ren).

This year, we made a key chain together at class.

And then Aidan presented this handmade fan(?) in class. All the kids presented their handmade fan to their moms. What a thoughtful gift I thought…..since the weather has been horridly hot and humid.

Ashley on the other hand came back from school with this card and an incomplete handmade bracelet. She never got around to making the bracelet for me though but was ever so excited to pass this card to me so that she could see the expression on my face.

Hope you all had a splendid Mother’s Day!

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  1. Very nice crafts. Those gifts are priceless huh? Ahh…I wore the bracelet yesterday when we went to the mall. Mine was so happy …hahahahah

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