Friday Finds : Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas

Schools are all abuzz with Teacher’s Day celebration. My kids have been bugging me to give their teachers gift. In my time, we were not allowed to present teachers with gifts. Things have surely changed.

So I went in search of some free printables and I pinned them (of course!)

This is pretty much what I want to do. Bag some Cadbury chocolates which we bought last night and seal it with a printable. You can download this free printable by Sweet Metel Moments from here. Good stuff eh?

If you want to give the teachers something bulkier,  bag them in a paper bag. I blogged about where to get brown paper bags here – and they also do have them in white FYI. The free printable is also by Sweet Metel Moments and you can download it from here.

Some may be more inclined to give potted plants to teacher…. you can spice it by sticking a  plant pick in it.  This free printable is by Kinser Event Company and you can download it here.

Who doesn’t love ice cream???? Free printables are by Living Locurto and you can download them here.

This is another idea which I super  like – it’s simple and so very practical! These free printables are by Living Locurto and you can download them here.

Enjoy now!

And have a great weekend!

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