Aidan’s Ferrari F1 Birthday Party

This year, the Lil Taukeh wanted a Ferrari themed birthday party – or shall I say, I pretty much nailed down which theme to go ahead with because each time I suggest something to him, he’d say, “Yes, I want!”

Me : Superhero?

Aidan : I want!

Me : Angry Birds?

Aidan : I want!

Me : Batman?

Aidan : Yes! I want!

You get the drift….

So I decided to go ahead with a Ferrari F1 themed birthday party. I googled loads. Pinned loads and finally decided to design these.

This invitation was printed on card stock paper.

And I printed these on a A4 adhesive paper – 8 to a page, cut them and used this to seal their goodies bags.

From my previous post, you can tell that I am very excited about my brown-paper-bags find. It’s being used everywhere but I did not manage to find them in various sizes until recently! I got the goodies from Happy Planet at Jln Tun HS Lee – wholesale which sells all kinds of kids’ stuff! I go there every year to buy stuff for the kids’ goodies bags. Didn’t spend an arm and a leg there.

As for the cake…

… Ferrari F1 cake of course! It’s a marble cake decorated with fondant. This 2kg cake was RM350. Kinda steep but it was worth it because the  everyone polished it off! Aidan went straight for the tyre and walloped it! The cake is by Tracey from  Special Cakes. She made the kids’ birthday cupcakes 4 years ago. You can read about it here.

I made the mini buntings myself. Ahem! Ahem! 🙂 I printed the checkered print on an adhesive paper, cut out mini parallelograms and folded them onto a piece of string (which I got from Popular bookstore) and tied each end of the string to a disposable party ware stick (got from the party section at Cold Storage) and poked each stick into a jelly candle cup which we got from a wedding dinner.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you’d know I’m head over heels over buntings! They are so simple and costs next to nothing to make  but the impact is huge!

We had a pool party because the birthday boy wanted to swim swim swim!

Food was catered at the venue.

The kids had so much fun in the pool – nothing else mattered. All the parents had a tough time getting their kids out of the pool!

At the end of the party, Aidan was totally knackered!

See how stoned he was ?…

Was he happy that he got his Ferrari F1 themed poolside birthday party?


Best of all, at the end of the day, he said, “Thank you for the party.

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  1. Such a smashing birthday party! The cake looked awesome and yeah..pretty pricey eh? hehehe. Love the brown bags, invites and buntings 🙂

  2. I couldn’t stop admiring the cake. Very nice! The “I want” part sounds so familiar. Chloe is like that too hehe 🙂

  3. I like your deco and ideas. very neat and simple… simplicity that means it attractive.

    Happy Birthday to Aidan. I m sure you had a blast. God Bless.

  4. Hi there, I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. Thanks for sharing the good stuffs here. Could you send me the free printables?

    Happy belated birthday to your son. Thanks much.

  5. Hi there, i m ben following your blog and the pictures looks awesome.. mY son is also going to celebrate his 1st Birthday in Ferrari Theme.Would u mind send me some info on the deco and cake and also free printables of thank card please ?

  6. looks like a well planned & winning party 😀
    my boys just attended a pool party at a Club recently too…., the parents threw a big whale float into the pool & the boys just had a fantabulous time, so fun 😀
    happy belated bday to yr si manja, he’s even cuter in actual 😛

  7. mon fils de 5 ansviens e voir les photos il m’as dit je veux la meme chose pour mon anniversaire serait il possible de recevoir modele d’invitation merci

  8. Hi

    Im inlove with your invitation and thank you note. I would appreciate it if you could email it me.

    Again!….you did a fantastic job. Well done.

  9. Hi

    Congrats! You did a fantastic job! Great party! Would really appreciate it if you would be so kind and mail me the printables to

    My sincere apologies if you might have received several comments from me, I posted a comment from my phone and experienced some probs. … Posted from the computer now. 🙂

    Thanks a mil!

    Kind Regards,

  10. Hi, i’m admiring the DIY you did for your kids’ birthday. I’m planning my son’s 3rd birthday and hope you can share the free printables with me. thanks alot.

  11. Would you mind emailing me the free printables? I think they are great! I just found them doing a google search for Ferrari invitations.


  12. Wow!!! I love the invite, been searching the web, nothing! I’m planning my son’s 7th birthday coming soon. Please share the printable version with me:)



  13. Hi can u pls share with me the free printable version and may i know the venue of the party.

    Thank you.


  14. As i looked at the pictures of your son’s birthday party, I am already excited to celebrate my son’s 1st birthday as well. You did a very good job! i hope i can do the same.

    Pls pls send me the printable invitation and thank you card. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks. God bless.

  15. Greetings! Thanks for your blog, i got an idea on my son´s coming bday with ferrari theme, would you mind sending me those printables. God bless.

  16. hi, i love how you did with the invites and thank you card can you send me a sample of it? thanks

  17. hi! i am preparing for may son’s 1st bday and just so glad to come across with your blog. Hope you won’t mind if i ask you to send me those printables. Much thanks.

  18. My wife and I are planning a Ferrari theme for our son’s 1st bday. My wife has found the perfect costume for the celebrant and I want to surprise her if you can send me the free printables. Thanks!


  19. hi. can i have a printable version of your invitation and stickers? it looks nice…my son will have f1 theme on his bday too. thanks.


  20. hi…i’m planning my son’s 7th birthday,hope you can share the free printables with me…thank you…

  21. Hello! Would like to ask for the free printables (thank you notes). Will be doing the same theme for my son this july. Thank you!

  22. Hi happy i found this link..very helpful..
    appreciate if you could share with me the printables template as well..

    Best wishes for the Bday Boy!!!

  23. Hi,
    I’m organising a Ferrari themed birthday party . It will be great if you could mail me the printables.
    Thank you so much.

  24. Hi, just amazing ideas! I’m going to celebrate my son’s party in Brazil and I’d love if you send me the printables. Thank you so much.

  25. Hi,

    Nice party over all!!! Can you please send me those gorgeous printables please? My son’s bday is on the 13th! 🙂

  26. Can you send me those free printables? Planning to have F1 theme for my son’s 1st bday party. Thanks

  27. Hi, if you can also send me the free printables – invitation and thank you note. My son is having F1 party this March 2014. Thank you so much!

  28. Hi there, celebrating my son’s 1st birthday in April 2014, could you please send me the printable thank you note?

  29. Hi

    My little boy is turning 4 and is Ferrari mad. I came across your blog whilst searching for an invitation template. I would also be grateful if you could share it and the thank you card with me. Thanks so much


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