Co Sleeping No More

I blogged earlier on that although the kids have started sleeping in their own bedroom, Aidan has been sneaking into our bedroom to snuggle in between DH and I. Truth be told, I kinda liked it.  So this went for about 2 months and on the 5th of April, Aidan surprised us by not turning up in our bedroom as usual. When we woke up the next morning, my thoughts were racing….

Did he try to come down his bunk bed and slipped and fell and is lying unconscious on the floor?

Did we accidentally lock our bedroom door? and was was he lying on the floor outside our bedroom door? (He did that once!)

Was he not well?

(Yes yes I know….a bit ‘kan chong’)

So I raced to their bedroom…only to find the lil taukeh still in dreamland…..

I guess the lil taukeh has weaned off co-sleeping with us.

The question now is…who’s feeling the withdrawal symptoms?

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  1. I understand how you feel. I miss my 4 years old son too when he started sleeping with his big brother in a separate room. Miss cuddling him.

  2. I’ll feel the withdrawal symptoms. No more cuddling and sudden ‘kick’ in the middle of the night, no more ‘overlapping’ on my tummy~

    I guess I must appreciate this moment when my kids are still refusing to move to their own bedroom 🙂
    On the other hand, I want them to adapt to ‘sleep alone’ like Aidan….

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