All I Want for Christmas….

Ashley @ 6y 9m (Picture taken on 25 Mar 2012)

… my 2 front teeth.

Ashley lost both her upper central incisors 6 days apart. (11 Mar and 17 Mar). Both milk teeth came out while she was playing with Aidan. Now she says that she is XXB. (eXtra eXtra ‘boh geh’!) LOL!

She’s usually shy to show her teethless grin but after much persuasion, she caved in. I told her that when she’s older, it’d be nice to look back at how she looked like without her 2 front teeth 🙂 She agreed 🙂

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  1. You still look very pretty Ashley. Your sweetness will never be robbed by your missing tooth. So, don’t be shy about it.

  2. HAha… she’s soooo cute! Vic also recently lost her two front teeth, but lower incisor. About time I guess, since she’s the “last” of her group. Imagine now her music class group all toothless smiles!

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