Ashley is in Standard 1

With all the things which have been happening so far, I haven’t had the chance to update the blog about Ashley’s Std 1 experience!

I can’t believe that she’s in Std 1 already! Where has my baby gone???

Anyway….life in a chinese goverment school ain’t rosy. Even I had a tough time adjusting to it. It’s like they are literally thrown into a sea of sharks compared to their honeymoon years at kindergarten.

In the kindy days, the school used to circulate memos to the kids so that the parents will know what to do/bring.

In the chinese primary school – the teacher will only repeat what she/he will say twice (according to Ashley).  The kids are afraid to ask the teachers questions. Ashley is one of them. She said the teachers do not like to repeat themselves and if they do respond, they’d respond loudly and fiercely. I consoled her that the teacher had to handle 40+ kids and had to speak loudly so all 40+ of them could hear her loud and clear.

Everyday is a guessing game. I’d be texting to other moms to ensure that the message the kids brought back tallied because this time, there are no memos whatsoever. If the kids didn’t do their homework nor bring a book – they will be punished. Some got whacked multiple times on the palm with a cane. Some had to pull their ears for God knows how long – Ashley included.

So how is Ashley taking it? She is ok so far. She is scared of the teachers nonetheless but so far she hasn’t made a big deal of her punishments. She said, “The teacher asked me to pull my ears. I pulled softly.” I have no doubt that she will be able to handle the humiliation the teachers puts forth on the kids.

She’s a tough cookie.

The question is whether I will be able to take such  demoralizing tactics by the teachers.  I can most certainly bet on my life’s savings that Aidan will NOT be able to cope in a chinese school. But…never say never I suppose? He may just surprise me. But for now…I don’t think he will be able to take it.

Anyway, back to Ashley…

Her school bag weighs a tonne! It’s heavier than my laptop bag! Why can’t the school provide lockers so that the kids can leave their books at school?

Academic wise, the kids haven’t been doing much in school. I heard that it gets tougher when they go back to school after the Chinese New Year holidays.

I’ve started Ashley on a 1-on-2 tuition 3 times a week so that the tutor can guide her and her bestie with their work. Is 3 times  a week too much? I don’t know. Better to get her on a good start before it’s too late I suppose? And since DH and I are ‘bananas’ – outsource it is!

Anyhow…wish us luck!

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  1. You are fortunate that Ashley is a tough cookie. Given my boy, he’ll probably cry at home, not wanting to go to school the next day. That was the reason why I decided not to send him to a Chinese School at a very last minute.

    Hope she adapts well and I believe she can do well given her attitude and character.

  2. Sounds absolutely scary! I plan to send my girl to a Chinese govt school too so I guess our time will come. *shiver*

    Tuition for Std 1 used to be absolutely unthinkable (I admit that I laughed when I first heard of it) but these days, it’s starting to be a norm.

  3. You’re giving me a scare!!! And I’m REALLY scared now. Bryan is such an emotional boy that he even started complaining since starting Mandarin stream in K2. How lah!!!!! *sweats*

  4. Wah if the school teachers are so strict and scary, they can’t be a motivation to the kids. How can kids study in an environment of constant fear… Worse, fear of asking? How to learn? Vic is in a Chinese school too, but they don’t want to emphasize on academic alone and the headmaster even told us parents not to enroll the kids in everything! Hope Ashley will settle in fine. I put my girl in tuition 2x a week that covers chi/BM/math and sauna during exam.

  5. Joanne – Good thinking Joanne! I think every child is different! I think as long as your child is happy then it’s ok. Although Ashley spoke about how the kids got punished etc, she still wants to go to school so i think that’s a positive cue for now…. for now…

    Adrine – I dont think WE can do without tuition since both hubs and I are ‘bananas’. At least the tutor will be able to help her – at least for starters….

    Paik Ling – Chinese Govt school may be a bit of a challenge for emotional kids though… But Paik Ling…it’s only the beginning of the year..Let’s see how it goes ya. I am not sure about your kindy branch but the class teacher Ashley had last year was quite a fierce lass that one. So in a way, they were prepped for Chinese school.

    Irene – ya precisely. I keep reminding Ashley that it’s her job to ask questions if she didn’t understand and it’s the teachers ‘ job to make sure she explains till the kids understand. I remind her this everyday.

  6. I believe your Ashley will be fine. She is a tough cookie 🙂 Mine still need time to adjust and I hope she looks forward to going to school every day 🙂

  7. wah, ashley’s school sounds scarier than RL’s. so far, mine doesn’t complain about her fierce teachers and said only the naughty boys got smack on the hands from the teacher. as for books, she brings all everyday to avoid being scolded (and i have no clue about her timetable since it’s all in chinese and hubby is not around at times and he has yet to convert it for me in english)…lol! the bag is heavy and she cant lift it up herself so she drags the wheels.

    • I’ve been packing Ashley’s bag according to the timetable but i warned her that after CNY holidays, she will be packing her bags herself! Knowing her,…she’d want to bring everything!

  8. Teachers are still allowed to smack students and punish them too. I feel for Ashley… only Std 1 and so tough on them. But it builds character though. Good luck to both of you for the rest of the year. Hope it gets easier.

  9. She will eventually adapt, like how we did it last time too..
    Gong xi fatt chai to you and family. Btw, I read that you donated some stuff to the refugee, did you enquiry if any refugee willing to become a maid for you? They don’t like the term maid. Its house helper. This could be a source for you.

  10. she is sure a tough girl… she will survive…

    JL survive his std 1 free from punishment and smacking…..fuih…. Acc to some parents, std1 teacher in his school are all the nicest teachers… so got to see him how he survive this year…

  11. im really surprise that yr little girl takes these strict disciplines so well…..lucky you lah 😀
    that’s a good sign that she’ll survive…just hope that she likes going to school despite all these ….. unmotivational stuffs 🙁

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