Mandarin Classes for Standard 1 Students

The day after Ashley’s graduation party, she had to go to her primary school to attend Mandarin classes for the next couple of weeks during the school holidays. From honeymoon to not-so-rosy reality I’d say. She donned her new uniform and spanking white new school shoes and INSISTED on  bringing her almost-empty Power Puff Girls school bag to school.


See? The bag itself is heavier than the things inside the bag.

 She is in the same class as her cousin, Nicole and both were very excited to be together in their new school.

Her brand new school shoes. No surprises that it’s a Barbie one…

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  1. such a bright pink bag 😀 she must be happy & excited. having a cousin in the same class is really fun & interesting….heard the ‘other’ ashley also same class, haha how great !!

  2. oh no..i think my comment has gone missing or went into your spam box. let’s see if this one is ok. i was saying that now i know why mine wants a power puff girl bag…hehehehe. the barbie school shoe is not cheap eh?

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