It all started with the DH. He had conjunctivitis and Aidan’s right eye got infected 5 days ago. Yesterday, his other eye started looking reddish.  He now looks like this – with one eye bigger than the other.

We are trying our best to practice good hygiene which include:

– changing our pillowcases more frequently

– towels are strictly non-sharable

– keeping hands away from the eyes and face

– washing our hands often

Hope it goes away fast because conjunctivitis means no play dates!

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  1. Hope he is not too bothered by the itchiness. Bryan is very prone to this because he is sensitive to dust. I keep this tube of eye lotion handy at home for emergencies (somehow he gets it at night). Let me know if you want the name. It’s child-friendly (vicious, not eye drops so easier to administer on a wriggly child).

  2. thanks ladies.
    The doc gave eye drops and a cream for the eye and antibiotics but his right eye doesnt seem to get any better and it has been 6 days already! *sigh*

  3. Sometimes they just need to take its courses even with antibiotic. Hope Aidan gets well soon!

    PS : Yes, I’m perfectly fine with receiving gift vouchers. So anyway, i’ll PM you my e-mail adrress. Amazon is good – Hehe.

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