Barbie Rapunzel and Her Evil Step Mother

31 Oct 2011 – Ashley in her witch hat going through her scrapbook kit

Over dinner 2 nights, Ashley informed me that from then on, she wanted to take on the responsibility of wiping the dining table after we are done with our meals. I don’t know where that came from but I’m not complaining. I reckon her teacher might have something to do with it. Nevertheless, let’s see how long this will last….*fingers crossed*

On the contrary, while I was browsing the Business-to-Business Marketer Jobs on the internet, I asked her to clean up after her own mess and then she claimed that I was like an evil step mother and she was like Rapunzel in Barbie Rapunzel!  

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  1. her hair and hat.. looks v much like Mother Gothel.. Amber loves Rapunzel and wants to have her hair as long as Rapunzel, wants to dance like Rapunzel.. . etc… too much of Rapunzel until I told her.. if she’s Rapunzel.. she’ll have to grow up with Mother Gothel.. kekekekekkeke….

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