Time Management Skills for Children

Before I go on…here’s a caveat  : That I am no expert when it comes to parenting – and particularly in the area of teaching my kids Time Management Skills!

It is a learning process for me and when the day comes  when my kids don’t complain about doing what they are supposed to do at certain times without being reminded, I think that’s when I can safely say that I have succeeded? Ya kah? Is that a safe assumption?

Yesterday, Ashley complained that we were rushing her all the time – she said we rushed her everyday, every week and every month! (so dramatic!)

She said that although we are early, we always rush her….(She’s always dilly dallying!!!)

So fine.

 We made a deal.

I said we won’t rush her provided she steps up and be responsible for keeping track of the time. If she dilly dallies and does not complete a task within a reasonable amount of time, then I promised her that she WILL get an earful from me & suffer the consequences.

She agreed.

Let’s see how this will go.

I am anticipating that it will be a long and rough journey ahead.

P.S. In case you are wondering…

1. Yes, I have prepared a daily timetable for her

2. Yes, we do give her ample time to complete a task

3. And yes, she can read the time – somewhat – I’d make sure she knows it anyway.

I am beginning to sounds like  a closet Helicopter Mom aren’t I???



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  1. Lol. I do the same too during school days initially. So stressful man. And Denisha would say the same thing like what Ashley says. Lol I guess it’s a girl thing to dilly-dally? But I’m not the dilly-dally kind. So I guess it’s not a girl thing. Darien would be really quick. Always the first to be ready for school. Maybe she hates my food. Lol. 😛

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