Ear Piercing

1 year ago, Ashley wanted to get her ears pierced. When we reached the jewellery shop and got her to choose the earrings she wanted, she froze after she caught a glimpse of the ear piercing instrument. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed because we were all pysched up for it.  We had to rearrange our schedule so that we could accomodate her request. Perhaps I was more excited than her?  When we walked out of the shop, I told her never to bring up the topic of ear piercing until she was ready. She responded then that she would get her ears pierced when she is 6 years old.

Fast forward a year later… on the 1st June 2011, a day before she turned 6, she looked at her Mickey Mouse calendar, looked up and said ..

Ashley : Mom! I want to get my ears pierced today. It’s June. I am turning 6 tomorrow.

I was taken aback. She sounded so confident. My girl was ready to get her ears pierced!

That evening, we brought her to a jewellery store and  after confirming with the staff that both her ears could be pierced at the same time, I got her to choose the earrings.

Picture taken before her ears were pierced. She was very excited. After that the staff at the store sprayed something cool on her ear lobes to disinfect and numb the area.

This photo was taken RIGHT after both her ears were pierced at the same time. I could tell that it did hurt abit but she was very brave. She didn’t shed a tear! After a minute, she said it didn’t hurt anymore. She said it was as though she didn’t have any earrings on.


Since then, heR piercings have been healing BEAUTIFULLY!

She was soooo excited to have finally done this and she told us that she wanted to show her pierced ears to EVERYONE 🙂

Congrats Ashley!

You’re one brave girl!

P/S I wish I had taken a video  of her ear piercing experience!

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  1. Brave girl. When you said pierced both at the same time..means 2 guns or one after another?

    I got mine pierced when I was 12 and I remember after a week, full of p**

  2. Well done Ashley!!!!!! I’ve been wanting the 2nd hole for the last 10 years but too chicken. Perhaps I should have followed Ashley!!!

  3. BRAVO !!!! She’s such a brave girl ! Mine wants to wear earrings but chicken out when we tell her she has to get her ears pierced first. 😀

  4. Oh wow! Great job, little brave girl. Took me a long time before I was brave enough to have mine pierced. And doing both at once is a better option in case they change their minds after one side… never thought of that.

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