Am I a Worry Wart?

15 June 2011 – Ashley @ 6y 1m

Every evening, after the kids have their dinner and if the weather permits, I’ll bring the kids out to play with the neighbourhood kids. 3 days ago , Ashley insisted that she was tired (after doing her homework from school and  Mandarin tuition at home) and wanted to stay home. I was taken aback because usually, she’d want to play EVENTHOUGH she is dead tired. She gave us her blessings to go out without her and so we did.

The following day and the day after, again, she insisted on staying home in the evenings while I brought Aidan out to play. I was abit worried. I thought she may be up to something and told Siti to keep an eye on her because this is so unlike her. I probed her further and she said that she didn’t want to sweat! She also said that she couldn’t lean back if she was riding the bicycle.

 *rolls eyes*

When we reached home after Aidan was done with cycling and playing, I asked Siti what Ashley did while we were away and she said Ashley was playing with her own toys.

It suddenly feels as though she has grown up leaps and bounds – wanting her own space and own time to herself.

What happened to the crazed little missy who always wanted to go out to play as though her life depended on it?

Should I be worried?

Being a parent is tough isn’t it.

When our kids play too hard as though there is no tomorrow – we pary for the day when they will settle down.

When our kids don’t want to play go out cycling like they used to – we begin to wonder what they are up instead.

When our kids have separation anxiety – we worry what damage it’d do to the child emotionally.

When our kids DON’T want to go out with us – we worry why they prefer to stay home instead of spending quality time with us.

Are we just a bunch of worry warts?

Or maybe it’s just me.


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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much over this, so long as she’s healthy and emotionally stable. We “grow” with them. I introduced this “pillow talk” thingie with my girl when she was 4yo, and she liked it, because it was a special time just for mummy-daughter on the pillow and we talk abt everything – feelings, secrets, experience, chit chat…

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