Theme Day – Insects

The kids’ kindy has planned about 4 theme days in a year. This means that the kids will need to dress up to school accordingly. The last theme day was about insects. As usual, I left it to the last minute…..but came up with something not tooo shabby…

For Aidan – I decided that with the limited stuff that I have at home, I coerced him into agreeing  with me to go to school the next day as a lady bug 🙂 I drew and colored red circles on an A4 sticker paper with a red marker pen, cut the circles out with Ashley’s help and pasted it on Aidan’s black top and trousers…

On the front, I pasted a big red circle to cover a Jurassic Park picture and wrote (in case people didn’t know what he was supposed to be) – I am a Lady Bug! One parent saw him at school and said, “Oh! It should say that you are a Boy Bug instead!”….Hmm..Ok nevermind, it went in my right ear and came out on the left ear.

A few days later, I realized that I got the colors reversed! It should have been black dots on a red background! Oh well….

As for Ashley, she initially wanted to go as a butterfly but her butterfly wings were ruined and I had already thrown them away. At the 11th hour, I proposed that she go as a  dragonfly.  Why dragonfly you ask? Because  she has a dress with  a 3d dragonfly brooch on the front so half my battle was won. 🙂 I drew a picture of a dragonfly on 2 pieces of sticker paper, cut it out and pasted it on the back of her dress. Notice that there is a gap in the middle of the dragonfly? That’s because the zip runs through the center of the dragonfly.

Initially, before I started working on both the kids’ outfit, Ashley commented that G’s mom was verrry clever.

Out of curiosity, I asked her why she said that.

She replied, “Because her mommy knows how to make an elephant outfit all by herself.” – The previous theme day was about animals.

So i asked her whether she thought I was clever…

She replied, “No…because you don’t make them. You buy them (outfit)”


She went as a butterfly in one of the previous theme days and I got her to wear butterfly wings which I bought from Toys R Us..

But after I made the ladybug and dragonfly outfits for Aidan and her respectively, she changed her mind about me and said, “Mommy, you are so clever!”


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  1. lol… aidan’s bug… is so cute!!!!!

    I like her dragonfly …. much better than butterfly. More .. unique.

    Well done, for a last minute effort… i think mine was worse! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  2. I like the dragonfly best. I don’t think I can come out with anything like that even with ample notice and time. Looks like I am not a clever mum at all. 😀

  3. You did well, Dinah.. You are sooo clever… dragonfly is nice too, not the usual butterfly mah, too common..

  4. hahaha…eh at least u manage to muster them to wear within what you can make, mine are hard to convince :|. I’m glad this year they don’t have any theme party so far.

  5. aidan looks really good with this hair! i love the cut. (which is rare because i don’t always see good hairstyles on little boys. sorry for the randomness lol.) thought the dragonfly dress was really clever! good job, you 😀

  6. hi Dinah
    stumbled upon ur blog when i was blog-reading others and have since been reading it often. keep it up!

    may i know ur kids’ kindi in which area or which kindi is it? i notice the school has so much varieties in terms of plays and creativity and such.i am scouting one for my girl…

    hope to hear from you soon! thx.

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