Ashley’s Early Birthday Celebration at School

This year, Ashley’s birthday falls on a school holiday so we decided to have an early celebration for her at school.  As you can see, I lack originality here when it came to her birthday cake/cupcake. I ordered the same cupcakes I ordered for Aidan’s birthday last month and for their birthdays last year and the year before that! She  wanted a Hello Kitty theme this time  and  Hello Kitty it is!

Ashley making a wish….She looks so demure in that picture.

I love the cupcakes. They are bite-sized and perfect for kids! Many of them went for 2nd and even 3rd servings.

 These party packs were filled with basically junk food – Seaweed, Skittles, M&Ms, sweets, Japanes rice biscuits and Jelly. This year, I used the Glad Wrap sandwich packs instead since I had a box of them in my kitchen drawer…..

Her actual birthday is in a week’s time and I haven’t got a clue as tp what we’re going to do for her.  A picnic party with family instead? We’ll see 🙂

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  1. Happy Birthday Ashley. I ordered the same cupcakes after u passed me the contact and you are right – the kids loved them and asked for seconds!!

  2. very nice and love that smiling pic of hers….she’s so into the moment then. happy birthday ashley!

  3. how GORGEOUS is your little girl?!? 😀 😀 😀 such a happy little lady! happy (belated?) birthday to her! and i love how the party favours are all wrapped up in pretty pastel coloured bags.

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