I’m all for recycling and try to go green whenever I can. I’m also glad that the teachers in the kids’ kindy teach them about recycling and how going green will help save the earth. So 2 days ago, I threw an empty container of yoghurt into my trash can. Ashley saw it, picked it up from the trash can and asked me, “Why did you throw this away? You cannot throw things away! You must recycle.” I didn’t want to argue with her. I applaud her teacher for teaching them well. She took the empty yoghurt container and headed  downstairs and I overheard her saying to Siti (our domestic helper), “Kak! Jangan buang apa-apa! Mesti recycle! Itu earth sudah mau pecah.” (Literal ranslation : Kak, don’t throw anything away. We must recycle. The earth is about to break.)

I couldn’t stop laughing. 

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